Hello again there!
This the 100th posts from Alyia!:)
What should  lyia write, hah?
Any idea about it?
Hah!Okay, the 'minis' down here that Alyia like(food&drink):
Okay, that's all from you!:P
Maybe if Alyia have the time, Alyia will be update soon.
Catch me next time!:D

p/s:tomorrow izzy-chan birthday, what should I gave her:?
Any suggestions?


Fatimah said...

alyia, nak request tuto caner nak uat cam ( Hate me?? 'click her' & shoo!) tue kalu click automatic window nie akan tertutup???

Fatimah said...

beli chocholate bar pon dah okey!!

Nuraina Fathinie said...

haha lyia..syok x b'day izzy?? rugi x dapat hadir..btw nape tambah 'chan' pulak ni..hehe

Reincarnateifs said...

I like your english in your blog.anyway did you get your english A on your exam(rajin jugak eh ko bace buku)