Giveaway by Alia Ohh Aliaa !

assalamualaikum .

okay , since i'm toooooooooooooooo BUSY and even this precious & lovely blog been dumped by me in a long time , i don't know what the world had happened here --' okay , stop the nonsense and back to the topic .i'm just wanna share about this giveaway ^ to you guys out there .this giveaway will be given to somenone that can attract this sweet lil' girl named Alia .almost the same name with me , you know ? ;D her blog was amazing and so do her .just look at her followers , more double tripple than mine and i'm JEALOUS !with her tutorial , tutorial requests make me even more more MORE jealous .how can you do that dear ? tell me tell me ;D enough , i'm gettin' more jealous if i'm write about her & her blog . *sorry adekkk , kakak da tak boleh nak cakap apa lagi , terlalu imppresive adekkk dan blog adekkk (: btw , the 3 tags persons are MeZ , thinie and ika .


Thinie Daitay said...

ouh , saya pun terlibat sekali . wkakaka XD thx :))

alyia farzana said...

yea yea awak terlibat ! ok , no probs (;