tutorial ; background-image

assalamualaikum .
today , i'm in a good mood as you can see me smilling here , BIG SMILE ;D girls & i don't know why .i'm also doing the chores without any 'paksa-ing' though .break it out ,alyia !ouh yeah , right ! i wanna share with you guys since i'm in a good mood about the background-image in my blog .many of you asked me how can i do that so i'm gonna tell you now , for sure .there're five steps that you guys have to follow (;

this is background-image as you can see above ^ , the 'love love colourful' one in my blog .

first step ; you guys have to find this thing ^ to find , just click the Ctrl + f .*ignore the '+' , just click the Ctrl and f .
second step ; just go to any websites that have pictures and of course , that you like .or just go to Photobucket and search background .
third step ; you can see the IMG code beside the pictures , right ?if not , just see above ^ right click & click 'Copy' .
fourth step ; remove the [IMG] [IMG] thing on the code and paste it on the 'Edit HTML' as you can see in the picture two .
final step ; before you click the 'Save Template' , make sure you click the 'Preview' first to confirm that what you done is right .done !it's as easy as 1 2 3 4 5 (; tell me if there are somethin' wrong , okay ?but please , do it FIRST !