i know .

assalamualaikum .
finally , i know who he's in love right now .mr.ar <3 ms.ai .what a relief --, so , STOP TRY TO BE A BUSYBODYYYYYYYY !!! i just wanna sit there to overcome my stresss , what's wrong with that ?it doesn't make you life miserable AT ALL !so , back off mr.ar (: & one more thing , since when you're a SHY DUDE ?don't try to bullshit me okay ?just tell me , then the end .as easy as abc ,right ?


Thinie Daitay said...

ya , jgn tipu aku , aku tau sape mr. ar tu just i want to know who's ms.ai lak ? haha

erinnyot said...

mr.R ?
ms.I ?