mak su's wedding (:

assalamualaikum .
hello girls & boys (: having a superb weekend ?well , i do , a bit .today is my mak su's wedding .btw , sorry if the pics like whatever cause i'm not using dslr .check this pics this out ;

the moment .

green + red .

one of them .

green's altar .

oh , it's meeeee ~

one of my sys .

this is my mak su ~

me and my sis (;



..FAIDZ NOOR.. said...

walaupun x gna dslr tp gmbar tu still cantik sbb ALYIA!..hehe

Thinie Daitay said...

abg faidz: haha ,tanpa dslr pun dah cantik dah cik ALYIA ni ;p