giveaway MiraEdora !

assalamualaikum .
i want to join a contesttttttttttttttt and my luck , i see this blog ! it's actually a giveaway but you can call it contest .
this is the terms and conditions ;
  1. Mesti follow belog picisan ini & FB page MiraEdora (if ada FB. if takde takpe). I byk communicate kt 2-2 tmpt ni. *done
  2. Bwat entry tentang giveaway Mira Edora ini. 1st impression korang tentang i dan belog i? Dan kenapa? *your blog was awesomed with all the cutes doodle especially the header .wonder how you do that , hmmmm , maybe you can teach me ? (; i jealous with you blog , it just so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .this is sincere from my heart .
  3. Tepek banner kat entry korang. *done
  4. Tinggalkan link entry korang kat bawah tu. *done
  5. Contestant dalam Malaysia sahaje ye :D *yeah , me .
  6. Tag 3 orang kawan korang*thinie*MeZ*rain

Tarikh tutup 30 April 2011 

18 APRIL 2011


Cik Mira said...

thanks my dear :) u are awesome too! hehe actually the doodle i ask my friend to create it for me :)

alyia farzana said...

thanks kakak cantik <3

Thinie Daitay said...

aaiisshh ,you ! kene tag pulak .baiklah cik yaya ^^

alyia farzana said...

hahaa , kau nie an :P

Cik Mira said...

ur welcome adek comeey :D

alyia farzana said...

kekee , okiesyhhh .