lucky draw 3f's !

assalamualaikum .
in this lovely morning , i found a lucky draw from 3f's blog .here's the term ;

1. choose which of the above that you would like to get as your gift (one of the five items)
i want ;

2. leave your comment stating your choice of gift, name & e-mail address
i want LD5 because i didn't have my own belt like that ); furthermore , i love to wear shawl when my mood to wear that thing comes and that's why i choose LD3 *pink pinkkkkk !
name ; alyia farzana
email adress ;

3. everyone will get one chance of lucky draw, but for those with blog who write an entry or twit about this lucky draw and link the entry to this post will get to choose two giftsif you write an entry or twit, (in malay or english) please leave your url too tau lovelies.. 
done .

4. and owh this lucky draw thingy is solely for 3f's followers from today till  april 26th, 2011 ya. tq lovelies
done .


AmyZana said...

gudluck sis !
aja aja fighting !

alyia farzana said...

hehee , thanks sayang !
fighting fightingggg !

alyia farzana said...
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