make the title sidebar more cute

assalamualaikum .
eyt , i wanna do tutorial nowww :D you guys wanna do like my tittle sidebar ?now , you can have it by this steps ;

1 Sign In : Dashboard : Design : Edit HTML : press (Ctrl+f) and find h2 {
2 paste this code below the h2 { :

  text-shadow: 3px 3px 1px #999;
font: 20px aansa;
*for the shadow and the font

border-top: 6px solid #FFFFFF;
  border-left: 0px solid #FFFFFF;
  border-right: 0px solid #FFFFFF;
  border-bottom: 6px solid #FFFFFF;
  -moz-border-radius: 5px;
  -webkit-border-radius: 5px;
*border for the tittle post 

border: 6px solid #FFFFFF;
*border too

text-margin: 1.0em; background-image:url('');
*image of the tittle sidebar

3 change the bold words depend on what you like .
 4 preview first to know is it works or not .
5 doneeeeeeee ~