free concert

assalamualaikum .
hot hot news for guys ,for those who don't know , that's for sure .Super Junior M will be hold a free concert on May 28 in conjunction with the Million Youth Association here.don't trust me ? read this for more ;

 The popular music of Korea, Super Junior M, will hold a free concert onMay 28 in conjunction with the Million Youth Association PUTRAJAYA .

Youth and Sports Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said the concert wasaimed at attracting more youths to participate in the celebration which will be held from27 to 29 May.
don't trust me now ? see this for sureness ; 
credit ; Kosmo , Google Translator , Marctensia Concerts .
by ; alyia farzana .


sHeRrY said...

I also LOVE SuJu^^ bloghopping, do visit back and comment at my posts^_^

alyia farzana said...

hehee , okay dear ;D

은혁 애인 said...

i'm so sad at the concert ~!:'(

alyia farzana said...

why why ?