JB , SG ?

assalamualaikum .
yeah , maybe you guys know about JB (Justin Bieber) & SG (Selena Gomez) thingy , right ?do you think the rumours are true ?i didn't really into the gossips , but i just want to know .i'm do not want to be the last one i Earth to know , right ? so , we have to alert ;D i'm not jealous , don't worry plus JB is not my cup of coffee .please do be happy & to JB ,  don't so be coward to tell the media that SG is your official girlfriend or not ?then ,solve problem .
p/s ; don't sue me .


Ili Shaheera said...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about pictures of them that you can surf at the internet, darl?

alyia farzana said...

i just can say nothing (;
i'm not too busy to search each one of the persons in the world .