Adding Scanlines (PS)

it's tutorial for photoshop ;D  follow the steps if you want your picture like that ^
1. Open up your picture , I used this picture . 
2. Create a new image , which is just one pixel wide and 2 pixels high  but a transparent background .
3. Once clicking OK zoom right in to 1600% and grab the pencil tool .
4. Press D to reset your colors and give the pencil a setting of 1px in diameter, and 100% hardness .
5. Just put a single DOT the top pixel of your drawing - your picture should now look like this :

6. Hold CTRL and press A to select all your image , click Edit > Define pattern and give it a name . [ you can then close it, as it is no longer needed ]
7. On your firstly opened image , hold SHIFT and press backspace . Choose the option: pattern , and select the image you just created . Put the opacity down to about 25% and click OK .