Dreamy Sparkling Photo (PS)

assalamualaikum .
boredism today even it's my birthday )';

open the you selected photo , example below :

create a new document (640x480) , move the photo above into this document . duplicate that photo 3 times and arrange like this :

press Ctrl + L to make it stronger :

now rearrange all the images (put each image on one layer) . put layer right on top, put layer center under layer right and layer Left under layer center .
this is the layer palette :

open this texture :

it seems so dark right ?ok , we'll make it brighter. create new layer and fill it with #ffffff , set to overlay .

save the texture then drag it into our document and put it at the bottom . set layer Right to overlay mode , set layer center to screen mode (opacity 68%) and the last one to screen mode (opacity 70%) .you will get this :

choose Elliptical marquee tool & set option :

now we have to fix the spoiled areas (select the layer that you want to do on it) :

you will get :

next step , decorate your artwork by using brushes .
choose grunge brush & set foreground color #000000 , put brush in the bottom of right corner .

create new layer and name Time then set blend mode to overlay , opacity 43% for it , put brushes Time into bright side of the picture :

now select Dodge Tool with option like this :

select texture layer to fix the very-dark areas . and you will get :

finally, you can add some texts or other details into the picture .in this tutorial I added some lyrics & set it overlay , I applied a striped pattern too .