Glisten In The Sunshine (PS)

assalamualaikum .
photoshop tutorial ~

the first you open the picture below:

name stock is "layer 1" , press Ctrl+J to duplicate layer 1 .
choose "layer 1 copy" and press Ctrl+B to open Color Balance , set properties like this :

change blend mode of "layer 1 copy" to Screen .

open this texture :

put the layer of that texture over "layer 1 copy" and then change blend mode of texture to Soft Light .

press Ctrl+J "layer 1" and you have "layer 1 copy 2" , change blend mode to Overlay , opacity 50% .

continue to use this texture.
change blend mode of texture to Screen . add mask layer to erase unnecessary areas as shown below :

now create a new layer, fill it with original black .
go to Filter-Render-Lens Flare .

move it to the place as shown below :

change blend mode to Lighten , opacity 85% .

you've done !
here is the final result :