assalamualaikum .
yesterday was a sweet day to remember (:
i watched priest with my friends , you guys made me happy , seriously .yeah , bot forgotten , the movie .it's a good movie though .to know more about the movie (priest) .unfortunately , we were not taking any pictures as no one brought the camera ); we caught the moments by our heart , not in camera .can we repeated what we've been through yesterday ? no right ?but i hope it's not the last time even though it's the first time .want to know who's join ? it's my unnie izzy , the bestie M & S , the gentleman UP .you guys hotttt <3 unnie izzy , sorry cause make you feel isolated but i repay it , right ? the bestie M & S , you guys made the day joy and happiness !the gentleman UP , thanks helping and making me happy a lot & sorry if i ever make you felt blow up .no matter what ,you just have to remember that i love all of you (:
IZZY ; he will come for you and make your life more precious .
UP ; you will find someone who's better than her .
M ; she will available for you one day .
S ; good luck in your love life .