Don’t let love find you. You let love build when you are with someone. I think peoples biggest mistake in relationships and in love is that they always say that Love will find you and that they all want unexpected love. Well the truth is, this isn’t a fairy tale and nothing is really actually unexpected. You have build that love off trust and happiness with each other, you can’t just say that you two are meant to be or that you two fell in love unexpected. Because you are wrong, true love takes time to build, you don’t just fall into love right away, it is something that takes time to believe. You got to think about it, let us say that you just met someone at the mall or you’re with your friends and one of your friends brought a girl that you like. Well either way, it doesn’t mean that you’ve found your love, it means you found someone. The key is not to look for love nor let love find you. You try to find someone who won’t leave you and at the same time you would want that person that makes you truly happy. Love is something that isn’t just found, it is something that takes time to build. It isn’t built on happiness and trust entirely neither, it’s built on something more. But yet I can’t quite explain it, you have to feel it to believe it and when you do you’ll feel like a million bucks. So find someone because you never know, that person you just met could be the one you fall in love with later on. They might just be the person that is everything in your life.