assalamualaikum . 
tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow he will be absent , seriously sad :c but at least i met him this evening #love it so much the most i-hate-this-part-right-here is when his mother and father looked at me from the car ! #arghhh ,i'm shy i wish i can turn back the time but he just relaxes that nothing's happened . then , i asked him did his father & mother knew me ? then , he's nod #this time i fell like to faint there with his innocent face -.- then , we went for a walk #he's with bicycle, i who's the one who walked , i asked his bicycle then he gave me #did he's a gentleman ? we were talking talking talking blah blah blah .finally , we went back to our homes .thanks again for the day , i'll always remember and wait for you soon  
i can't never forget your words & you (: