stitchNknot 1st giveaway!

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Which stitchNknot craft do you like most and why?
Kawaii girl handphone case because it was so kawaii .if i have some money , maybe i'll buy it but for now , i didn't have any ):
In your post, give at least 2 comments/suggestions/tips to improve my handmade craft and blog. The more the better!
= try to do more kawaii craft just like the Kawaii girl handphone case .
= try something new like doing hobo bags @ monk thai bag .


stitchNknot said...

Thanks sbb sudi join my 1st GA!
Memang minat nak buat x terer sgt guna mesin jahit! kena blatih dulu laa~ :)

Alyia Farzana said...

@stitchNknothehehee , no problems :D