assalamualaikum .
hello worldwide #grins nice too see you here . how's your day ?my days are much much better with Allah by my side #always now , lemme see what should we talk about in this post ?oh yeah , school #the point how's your days in school recently ?mine are not that okay .the teachers keep asking why am i not transfer from my origin school ?#why oh why am i that bad or the teachers wanna me to transfer because of the good reasons or just wanna asked ? k i'm confused -,- well , let it be .just chill as possible as i can . tomorrow will be the time-for-top-3-receiving-gifts from our headmaster #k jelly cause i'm not the one that get the top 3 but i'm still grateful .i'm top 5 in my form 4 students out of 100+ .i'm just telling you not to be arrogant or what #remember that we share happiness right ? sharing is caring ya know .now i have to stop typing and need to go to bed soon #sleepy head good night people (;