Sleep ?

assalamualaikum .
have already in your dream people ?i didn't yet #hard to sleep maybe sooner or later .nah ,i'm not study ,far from what i've been doing all this while .i'm listening to the music ,i'm blogging and of course i'm tweeting #tweet tweet i just love to tweet ,what other social network that yet don't been ruined by our parents except for twitter ?yes ,it just twitter .let's join twitter and tweet with me .find me : alyiafarzana there's no alyiafarzana in that twitter besides me literally .i need to repair my phone today no matter what and if Allah wills it .its really burden me cause it makes me feel worried .who didn't right ?i know you're so 'not-that-mind' to but for me ,yes it did matters .errr did everyone have gone to sleep ?it feels awkward when i'm online-ing without him by my sides .don't have to know who is him ;)