Around The Corner

assalamualaikum .
hello ,we meet here again for this morning ,24/06/2012 #date happy birthday to those who celebrated his/her birthday ,may Allah grant all your wishes .fasting month is around the corner oh my ,i love this .where's the corner ?don't ask this stupid question if you don't want the sarcasm answer ,for sure .i'm not attending for today's sports day cause i'm not at home .i'm  somewhere in this world .more specific ?in Malaysia ,jyeah .i'm enjoying my 'holidays' , you know that kind of 'holidays' ah ,it's actually kinda revenge for my two-weeks holidays that i can't enjoyed it that much .as i said in my earlier post ,i have my one day holiday tomorrow so i have 5 days off because that thursday ,there's something urgent and i take the next day that is ,friday as an off day .

back to my topic ,fasting month for this year .i hope i can make it this year as i don't know when will i died .you know , i can die in any hour or day or week or even year from now cause i don't know ,only Allah knows .all day , i just can pray ,amin .oh yeah ,i love the new song from B.o.B ft taylor swift titled both of of us but i want more part for tswift .i heard that tswift love the song airplanes from B.o.B and hayley williams so she wants to feat with B.o.B ,that's what i've heard .okay done ,so bye bye ~