assalamualaikum .
hello peeps ,nice to meet you again in this post .how are you doing this few days ?getting bored or getting more more fun ?#i'm in between well ,i'm so bored but i don't even to study yet or doing other thing .i just wanna laying in my bed and that's why i am so boring ,cheesy and lame .i really really don't know what to do or doing things that maybe can make me feel more boring -.- for my updates now ,i am trying to be a better person to anyone especially to myself .sometimes i have to be my own hero to save me from nowhere .besides ,i have so many sins that i have done in my life .so pray for me dear friends ?i will do the same to you too .sports day will be held this Sunday and report card day will be held this Wednesday .it is way so much fun ,isn't it ?'fun' in the my terms for sure .my results drop like heaven yes !it actually doesn't surprised me at all cause there's always a reason behind it .i will get my new time table this Tuesday if i'm not mistaken cause Monday is a one-day-holiday for my school .

i am not sure why i'm writing this post a way too long but i kinda have this kind of spirits to write down cause normally ,i'm surely not .oh i just realized that you can see how many same words that i'm being used all this while .or am i the only person that realized it ?nah never mind .oh i have done perfoming my isya' prayer and now i'm eating my skittles with happily .but but it taste really really really sour .i'm buying the sour one than the sweet one so i choose the sour .so what are you guys doing now ?ahhh so souryyyy ,nyom nyom want some ?go and get it at your 7 eleven nearby #promote my bro have come back so need to get clear the things up with him so toodles ~