Used To It

assalamualaikum .
it's been a while i didn't post anything here and i'm feeling so bad about it #don't know why oh jyeah ,you're welcomed back to school .how's life so far ?mine is okay with the mid-year results and all that .i'm in process of used in something new #let it be secret how about your mid-year results ?getting better or a bit low than the first exam ?cause this exam kinda hard with the paper 3 and all that .oh yeah ,i'm in Form 4 now so i have to get used for that .so till the next post ,okay ?cause i've something to do and yeah for your information ,you will get one day holiday on my birthday as a present from me #oh my


fakhri khairi said...

my life is fine, mid year result? I'm too cool for school. okay, will wait for your next post, take care ;)