A Decent Man

To My Future Wife:
I don’t know you yet and because of this, I won’t think about you today, or maybe even tomorrow - rather, I’m going to think about me.  It’s not in the way that you might think, though. It’s not that I don’t care for you…it’s just that I know that you’ll want me to be the best that I can possibly be. For you. Wouldn’t you agree? That by growing in virtue and building my character, I can be the best version of myself.  That by handling myself maturely and learning wisely, I can be a better husband for you and a better father for our children. 
If I expect a lot of who you might be, then it’s only natural that you might expect a great deal from me as well.
So I won’t think about who you might be. I’ll give you a chance to grow in your life and I won’t ruin anything by putting any preconceived notions on who I hope you’ll be.
When we meet, we will know that we spent this time apart to ripen for each other; that this time to wait was more than just a test of patience, it was the research and drafting necessary for the greatest love story ever told. 
And when we grow old, we will know that the foundation of our great love was more than just a feeling. You’re kind of a big deal to me and I’d hate to think that you get stuck with a lesser version of any man.
So today, and perhaps tomorrow, I wont think about you. I won’t waste time and I know you won’t either.
A decent man
This. That’s how I’m starting to think of it now. Me trying to smooth out my rough edges (and hoping you are too) so we can fit each other like a lock-and-key model.
We’ll meet when the time is right. Insya Allah.
A (trying-to-be) decent girl