assalaualaikum .
I have a high fever now .well ,you can say medium .I still can online but you don't know how my face now .I mean ,seriously weak .I need to sleep early but I don't want .I want to text with my Zayn Malik .oh Zayn Malik ?he's mine unofficially .he is a sweet guy but kinda dorky .but but the most importantly ,Zayn Malik is a perfect guy for me ,insyaAllah .Zayn Malik can cheer me up with his fabolous hair .I just love his hair .lol why am I so excited ?don't try to steal him cause what's mine is mine .okay ,stop it .my motive is to tell you that I'm sick ,not babbling about my romantic Zayn Malik .I don't want to share with you #tongue out 
I will tell you the whole stories if I am fully recovered okay ?