Day By Day

assalamualaikum .
fuhhh ,I'm done #finally so after this ,more focus in my studies .I didn't realized that I haven't posted anything yet since 1st of July .and yeah sadly ,I forget to fast today but never mind then .the exam is around the corner ,maybe after one weeks after fasting month #i guess well I don't think i have so much idea for this post so let me end this post before it been so much unimportant stuff .
eh wait ,I've to tell you something .I've participated in KASTEK for this year as I'm not one of the candidates for last year and I'm doing the innovation section .well ,nothing interesting with our project and kinda hard to explain it .just check it the photo will ya ?let seeee ...
 the banner for this year .
 our advisor teacher .
 unnie and yeah ,that's me over there .
 'stop looking and start working'
 the students .
Panchorians .