assalamualaikum .
I'm having an awesome and cool day today as so many things happened that I didn't expect like I've been teased by my friends ,being a teacher and greasy with my 'granma' unnie .she's acting like she's the one who so 'old' but yet ,she's greasy too ya know ?oppss ,shuttt .don't tell my unnie cause she will chased me and knock my head off with her granma style .close that topic and start the new topic ,hmmm let's see .oyeah ,I will be entering the test for environment thingy and the example of the questions are so damn hard .you imagined how hard the real questions will be ?oh my ,I need oxygen now .

tomorrow is Friday ,13th of July 2012 .yes ,thats mean we have two days off from school *rolling in the deep* then we will start our school back and the second test will be approach .sooooo I need to study ,yes I  do !to avoid that cane or even squat !well you too okay guys ?I'm praying for you guys so pray for me too lol okay bye ,need to off to do something .see you soon guys :)