You're What I Need

Since the first time I met you ,
I couldn't seem to forget you .
And lately I seem to find .
That you're always on my mind .
I feel so happy around you .
And I thank Allah that I found you .
At first I thought of you as a really good friend ,
But I realized that my feelings there didn't end .

I was so afraid to tell you .
Cause I didnt know what youd do .
Then I heard that you felt the same way .
And those words were so easy to say .

Oh ,when I see you smile .
It makes my life worth while .
And since the very start .
You have been in my heart .
When my lifes skies are dark and gray .
You chase all those storm clouds away .

I've never felt this way before .
And honestly that is for sure .
I'm so glad that we did meet .
For now my life is complete .
You're what they meant .