Anyone ?

assalamualaikum .
yes ,I'm writing for this post at school now .really weird right ?well ,let's say this is me .how's your week darlings ?anything special that you can share with me ?no ,I won't tell you how can I online at this time ,not in my house literally .so let's take that as no dear children .back to our main topic ,anything interesting ?oh me ?NO .a simple life student for me ,yeayyyy #excited face I'm still waiting for my final year which is next year to end this so-called-student-life .ya know ,I will remember this stuff like friends ,teachers ,books and others back then .oh that is so hypocrite ,lol I want to post something awesome to you on my next post ,or next next post or next next next post .it depends on me ,all about me but but but I could tell you that I have this kind of feeling that you won't accept it .ahhh I'm super worried and super super excited tsk tsk again ,alyia please stop it .I will tell you soon my oh so ohsem followers and friends .I would like to plan a giveaway to .who wants me to do the giveaway ?put your hands up .ahhh ,k that's a secret too .no ,that's not a secret because you guys knew it .