Years And Months

assalamualaikum .
7 years 5 months to go ,insyaAllah #if you know what I mean heyya everybody .I miss to talk in English so may I ?I'm not so good in English so my post will be as short as it can be .papa brought me Grilled Chicken Burger (GCB) McD for my iftar today ,Alhamdullilah .may Allah reply your kindness papa #smile I have improved my bowling skill than last week .I need to work harder to get at least one strike .I'm a newbie so don't expect much hope from me dear bowling teacher .my one and only subject that I don't know the marks for my second test is my history paper .I don't know when my sir wants to give us that paper but certainly ,I can't wait for no more .I want that paper so I can relax after that #trololol our End of Year Examination will be one months from now ...(speechless)  I need to study from now so that last minute thingy doesn't attacked me later all of sudden especially Add Maths and Physics .my Biology and Chemistry too .I need to focus all of them instead of focus on one or two subjects only .the end -